What to do in Kotor: City Walls quest

So many people Visit Kotor and get fascinated by its walls, its location so snug between the mountains and the charm of its narrow streets but often wonder what is there to do in Kotor.

After a 15 minute walk through Kotor streets, the traveler quickly notices that there are many opportunities to buy souvenirs, maybe even too many. That’s when they realize that there must be more to the town then souvenirs, some history, some excitement, maybe a thrilling story about it’s walls.

If that’s what you are looking for you are in luck, because of Medieval Kotor with the support of the municipality of Kotor made an innovative and unique interactive quest that you can complete buy steping on the Kotor City Walls and the quest itself is completely free.

You start it at the bottom of the hill where you pay the ticket for the entrance of the wall and begin climbing your way up the old stair trail up and up to the San Giovani Fortress from where you got a one of a kind view.

On your way up you will encounter different characters craftsmen and nobles, who will give you knowledge about the town’s history and their unique perspective on it and also give you small tasks to complete, for which in the end you will get a beautiful reward.

It wouldn’t be fun if we just spoiled it for you here, so we encourage you to try the quest yourself.

In 2019 the quest will be available from mid-June until the end of August.