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Project: Middle Ages ~ a traveling exhibit

Medieval Kotor will be providing visitors to several Balkan cities with the opportunity to learn about the life of their ancestors in middle ages in a fun and immersive way.


History is mostly interested in the events and dates that signify the turning points in the history of humanity. Historians are naturally drawn to the personalities that influenced certain epochs. Here we do exactly the opposite, we are focused on the life of ordinary man or woman of that age. In an interesting way, we face the challenges that stood before him or her, without trying to look at them from every possible angle and discover their causes. Rather we are trying to live them together with our visitors.


Experienced guides will be explaining to both groups and individuals the challenges of medieval life. The will show how writing was done, on wax and on parchment but also how printing was done on the very first printing presses. They will be given the opportunity to grind grain, strike fire, but also defend themselves from the attackers. They will introduce the visitors to the development of weapons through ages and give them a chance to wear real knightly armor and bust some myths in the process. Our presenters wear shoes and clothing of the middle ages that reflect the merging of Byzantine and Venetian cultural currents in this region.


For this exhibit, we prepared for years collecting exhibition items but also the knowledge necessary in order to provide the guests with not only fun but, also an authentic and educative experience that is supported by recognized historical sources.