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Project: The Palace of Living History

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What is it?

The Palace of Living History is an interactive historic open-air museum located in Kotor old town within beautiful remains of the old Dominican Monastery. It is one of our first projects and is among those we are the proudest of because it embodies everything that our company stands for.

What it  isn’t?


We strive to differentiate ourselves from ordinary museums, where most of the exhibitions are static and the interaction with the objects boils down to nothing but looking at them through the glass and tiresomely trying to read the tiny text of the vague descriptions.

Our approach

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The Palace of Living History offers something else entirely. Instead of putting the glass barrier between the guests and the objects we encourage them to touch, handle and experiment with them, gaining in the process invaluable personal insight into the nature of the specific item.

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Whats more, rather than only having the dead letter on paper vaguely stating the type of item and the century it was used in, our trained, professional and passionate guides will take you through the exhibition and eloquently provide explanations and answer your every question!

You get the experience

The visit to the Palace of Living History includes a thirty-five-minute guided tour during which the guests get introduced to the fascinating medieval history of Kotor and its bay, get the chance to reconstruct and relive some of the most dramatic moments in Kotor’s military history from a unique perspective, using our relief of the Kotor Bay.

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Then move on to the next part of the exhibition where they’ll face the challenges of the civilian aspect of medieval life in Kotor, to name a few, grinding the flower, lighting the fire with flint, still and tinder, discover how medieval people wrote, produced ink, made rope, see how they got punished for different deeds, learn about printing press and print themselves, they even get a chance to play medieval musical instruments some of which are still traditional in Montenegro, mint medieval coins and much more.

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In the military section, they will learn about the weapons and armor of the middle ages, handle the blunt but faithful replicas, learn the basics of sword fighting and also get the chance to wear some parts of the knightly armor that made medieval smiths of Kotor so famous.

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During the entire process taking photos and having fun is encouraged, and at the end of the tour, everyone will be presented with a choice of having a photo session with our professional photographer to make sure you carry with you only the very best memories of Kotor.