Every Day November 2017 Medieval Kotor Living History 23

Daily Medieval Experience in Kotor

Being a company that works with wide range of historical projects we do a lot of different work, but something that we do every day and love every second of it is taking visitors of Kotor on the epic journey through the tale of the city in the Palace of Living History.

Working 9 hours every day from 8 am to 5 pm in a museum was never so satisfying. In part, because Palace of Living History is not an ordinary museum and offers in addition to education lots and lots of fun experiences.

Without exceptions, our guides during the tours transfer the passion for history onto the guests end at the end of the tour, visitors simply don’t want to leave, and for us, that means “mission accomplished”.

Our groundbreaking and innovative approach to the presentation of history is one of our trademarks. We do not force the historical facts onto our visitors, instead, we deliver them in a form of memorable stories that resonate with our guests.

We also understand that different people have different backgrounds and different interests when it comes to history, so we always know our audience and change the approach to match the affinities and interests of every group and individual.

That means that our tours are never exactly the same and they are equally fun to the casual visitor who wants to have a nice photo with a sword and shield for an Instagram post, ladies interested in the fashion of the past, medieval weapons enthusiast, or the history buff that has a deep interest in the intricacies of the history of Kotor and middle ages in general.

In short, visiting The Palace of Living History is an educative, entertaining and personalized experience suitable for anyone wishing to take home good memories from Kotor.